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While farm owners used to just think of their animals as a way to make money, I have noticed more and more farmers taking a holistic view of their animals health. Farmers are working on less stressful and more healthy farming techniques, and as a vet I approve. I am involved in helping prevent animal diseases as well as curing the animals when they get ill. I deal with a range of animals from the farm cat to horses and it's great being a valued member of the community. I hope you enjoy hearing the stories from my vet practise and can learn from them.

Cat Acting Under The Weather? 4 Signs That They Might Need A Pet Ultrasound

If your cat has been behaving differently lately, or you've noticed some changes in their health, it might be time to talk to the veterinarian about an ultrasound. You might think that ultrasounds are only for human use, but that's not the case. Ultrasound examinations are helpful in diagnosing various pet ailments. In fact, if your pet is experiencing any of the health-related issues described below, it's time to discuss the benefits of an ultrasound with your cat's veterinarian. 

Abdominal Pain or Swelling

If your cat has developed abdominal pain, or you've noticed that their abdomen is swollen, you need to speak to their veterinarian as soon as possible. There are a variety of reasons why your cat may be experiencing abdominal pain or why their abdomen might be distended. Some of those reasons include viral infections, tumours and kidney or liver disease. A pet ultrasound will help to identify the cause of your pet's abdominal condition. 

Unexplained Weight Loss

If you've noticed that your cat has been losing weight, there could be a cause for concern. Sudden weight loss can be an indication that your cat is suffering from a medical condition that requires immediate attention. Sudden weight loss can be caused by a variety of ailments including intestinal parasites, feline hyperthyroidism and cancer. Before your cat loses any more weight, talk to their veterinarian about performing a pet ultrasound to identify the problem. 

Pregnancy Complications

If your cat is pregnant and they're struggling to deliver their litter, it's time to head to the veterinary clinic for an ultrasound. Pregnancy complications can lead to death, especially if they're not handled quickly. Some of the pregnancy complications that can interfere with delivery include narrowing of the pelvic canal or an abnormally large kitten. A pet ultrasound will identify the problem, which will allow the veterinarian to take action to resolve the issue. 

Uncontrolled Vomiting

If your cat has vomited once or twice, there might not be cause for concern. They might have eaten something that didn't agree with them. However, if your cat has been suffering from uncontrolled vomiting for more than a day, a pet ultrasound may be necessary. Your cat might be suffering from gallbladder inflammation, colitis or pancreatitis. 

Accidental Injuries

Finally, if your cat has been acting differently since spending time outside, they may have suffered some type of accidental injury. Cat's can suffer injuries in a number of ways when they're outside. Two of those ways include being struck by a cat or by being attacked by another animal. A pet ultrasound will help to identify the source of the problem.