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Farm animal care

While farm owners used to just think of their animals as a way to make money, I have noticed more and more farmers taking a holistic view of their animals health. Farmers are working on less stressful and more healthy farming techniques, and as a vet I approve. I am involved in helping prevent animal diseases as well as curing the animals when they get ill. I deal with a range of animals from the farm cat to horses and it's great being a valued member of the community. I hope you enjoy hearing the stories from my vet practise and can learn from them.

Two Reasons to Take Your New Cat to a Pet Groomer Regularly

If your vet clinic provides pet grooming services and you've just got a new cat, here are two reasons to consider using these services. It could prevent your cat from experiencing nail-related injuries or from harming you or your furniture Taking your cat to your vet clinic's pet groomer regularly could not only prevent them from being injured as a result of nail issues but could also reduce the likelihood of them harming you or your furniture. Read More